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Featuring: Aubrey Leigh
Date: February 7th, 2011
Photos: 40
Just how horny are you, Aubrey? "Very! I turned 18 not too long ago, and I've become totally dickcrazed since then. I play with my pussy all the time, and I constantly want to fuck. And when I can't have sex, I like to play with myself while I'm on the phone with my boyfriend. Condoms have become my new best friend since I've become legal because I want to fuck everywhere I go. You've gotta be prepared! And I almost always wear skirts so I can hike 'em up and bend over for a quickie." What kinds of kinky things have you been doing now that you're legal? "Fucking mostly. I've done it outside in public places a lot, like in parks. One time was during the Fourth of July. That was convenient because the fireworks drowned out the sound of me moaning. If not, a bunch of people would've heard. I've also fooled around with girls a bit.

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