Lovin' That Cock

Lovin' That Cock

Hey, Audrinna. When you have sex would you say you're more assertive or passive?
"I'm usually pretty aggressive when it comes to sex. I don't wait for the guy to make the first move. I like to attack him and go straight for his cock. Although it is nice when a guy beats me to the punch and makes the first move. It's a huge turn-on when a guy is even more aggressive than I am. Those kinds of guys always turn out to be the best fucks! That doesn't happen often, though. I
guess guys are intimidated by me or something!"

What kinds of things do you like guys to do to you when they fuck you?
"When I'm riding them I like it when they grab my ass and squeeze it and bounce it on their cock. I like them to suck my tits while we're fucking. I like it when they drill me with their cock. They have to know how to do it right though, 'cause not all guys do. Like, they have to have good pounding power and be able to keep the rhythm going while they fuck me. I also like it when they go…

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Featuring: Audrinna Levine
Date: December 3rd, 2011
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