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Slutty Schoolgirl

Featuring: Aurora Monroe
Date: October 7th, 2013
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Meet Aurora, THE Slutty Schoolgirl.. "High school was a blast for me! I was a cheerleader and on the dance team, so I was pretty well-known. All the guys were crushing on me, too. I don't think a week went by where I didn't get asked out. I also played soccer, softball and powderpuff football. I was like the hot, girlie jock." We're dying to know..what kinds of slutty things have you done? "[Laughs]Where should I begin? A fuckbuddy of mine and I used to hit the park a lot and we'd fuck on the benches at night. It was always pretty thrilling, waiting to see if we'd get caught. I also took the virginity of one of my boyfriends. He had just won his wrestling competition for state and watching him got me super horny, so I fucked him as soon as we got on the elevator." Since you're the expert, tell us: How do slutty schoolgirls like to get fucked? "Well, every girl is different I guess, but for me, I like to get fucked hard and fast from behind. I need to get pounded until I cum all over your cock. A little anal play can be fun, too, even though I'm super tight.".

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July 17, 2017
I'd love to bend Aurora over and teach her pussy a thing or two.
October 08, 2013
Yes!! Shaved schoolgirl pussy! Love Aurora!

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