Asian Delight

Asian Delight

Have you had any kinky sex lately, Ava?
"Always! Just last week I totally seduced my brother's friend. He was here waiting for my brother to get home, so I told him to come into my room because I wanted his opinion on some outfits I was trying on. I changed in front of him with my tits out and everything. He was shocked." We hope it got a lot kinkier than that. "Well, let me finish my story! So he was there all shocked because I was getting naked in front of him. He's always been really shy. I even suspected that he was a virgin. But as I was standing there naked, he got up and closed the door and then walked right up to me and kissed me hard. He said he'd been waiting a long time for this to happen. Then I was the one who was shocked! He immediately went down to his knees, turned me around and started eating my ass. I was like, 'Holy shit!

What just happened?'"
That's hot. It sounds like you got what you were asking for! "I got everything I wanted...and more! After eating my pussy and my ass he stood up and told me to suck his cock. I loved how assertive he was. Especially since I would've never guessed he had it in him! I gave him the hottest blow job. I deep-throated him and there was spit everywhere."

And how was the sex? Did you cum super hard all over his cock?
"Hell yeah! He took me over to my dresser--which has a mirror on it--and bent me over and started fucking me. I was so wet he was able to slide right in. We were making eye contact by looking in the mirror. It was so hot to see how my little tits bounced while I got fucked. He reached over and played with my clit, and I came so hard that I squirted all over his dick!"

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Featuring: Ava Lee
Date: September 9th, 2011
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1 year ago 

Chubby girl, small boobs, no pubes - very hot look especially the extreme cunt close-up at the end.

1 year ago 

A spectacular little spinner!!

12 years ago 

What an hot AsianbuttholeBabe!

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