Teenie Tune Up

Teenie Tune Up

Whoa, what's going on here, girls?
Paige: "Barbie and I were on our way to the mall and my car broke down. I brought it in to a shop and the mechanics were really cute. I guess I was feeling frisky because I started flirting with them really hard. Barbie picked up on it and totally went along. I wasn't sure what was gonna happen, but I liked where it was heading."
Barbie: "I had always wanted to have group sex, so I was kind of trying to initiate it. I grabbed one guy's cock and went from there."

You two are trouble aren't you? And we mean that in the best way possible.
Barbie: "You could say that. Whenever we get together kinky stuff happens, but nothing on this level before! Usually we just go off on our own to fuck the guys we've met. But between the two of us, I'm a little more naughty. Paige is plenty slutty, but I always take it to the next level."
Paige: "It's true. We meet some guys and I think we're just gonna hang with them and makeout, but with Barbie I always end up fucking them."

So how did this foursome work out for you? Was it weird?
Paige: "It was a lot of fun. At first I was like, shit, am I going to know what to do with all these naked body parts around me? But once we got started everything just flowed naturally. When Barbie was busy with one guy's cock, I'd suck the other guy's. And when I could I made sure to play with Barbie's tits and pussy, too. I think a foursome is a little easier than a threesome because you have a person to focus on, instead of sharing them."

Barbie, what was your favorite part?
Barbie: "The end, when one guy came in me and the other jizzed on Paige. The whole time we were fucking I was getting so hot thinking about the loads we were gonna get. You could almost say that I fuck for the cum. I love it--on me, in me, whatever. I would have liked for both guys to shower us with cum at the same time, but that didn't exactly happen. But it was still awesome."
Date: July 5th, 2012
Photos: 43

Member Comments

6 years ago 

Love creampies. Facials are great but my favourite is when the man finishes inside the girl. Get these lovely girls fucked properly.

10 years ago 

My dick is really hungry, think they both need fucking

11 years ago 

Thanks for the creampie, Barbie! I love 'em.

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