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Work That Ass

Featuring: Bianca Jacobs and J Long
Date: November 5th, 2010
Photos: 39
This flat girl is getting a full-body workout! In the Aug. '10 issue readers learned that Bianca is kind of a tomboy. She likes to get dirty riding her bike, and now she's taken up weight lifting. "I was afraid that doing bench presses would make me flatter than I am. But this trainer guy assured me that they wouldn't. He was spotting me while I was lifting, and I was kind of embarrassed 'cause I was all sweaty. But I think he liked it 'cause next thing I know we were all over each other!

I told him I wanted him to give me a workout with his cock, so he stuck it in. I got even sweatier riding it than I did lifting!" Bianca gets a stiff pole in her ass! A trainer's job is to show you which exercises to do and how to do them. This guy showed Bianca the proper form for bench presses. Those work your chest.

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