Finger Trap

Bonnie is new to 18eighteen and she's the kinkiest virgin we've ever met.

All this girl ever thinks about is sex. Her panties are constantly damp and she has to wear padded bras to hide her hard nipples. We wonder how she's managed to keep her cherry this long. "I finger myself all the time! Are you kidding? If I didn't I'd go crazy," Bonnie said. So if she's so horny, why doesn't she just pop her cherry already? "I'm waiting for the right guy. Yeah, I know...that sounds so lame, but it's true. But thanks to my hands I've been able to hold out by masturbating all the time." And she means all the time. While she's driving, in the fitting room at the mall and even in class! "I totally finger myself in class. I sit in the back and I always wear skirts, so it works out."

She's been caught, but she didn't even care.

Bonnie wasn't as discreet as she thought she was. "I had been finger-fucking myself in class for like, a month, and nobody noticed," she revealed, "but one day someone…

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Featuring: Bonnie Skye
Date: April 17th, 2009
Photos: 80

Member Comments

9 years ago 
Nice slick wet pink pee-pee wide open in my face always gets a 10 on the jack off meter!

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