Fabulous Fanny

Fabulous Fanny

Brittney, did you know that to people in the UK, a fanny means a pussy?
"No, I didn't! That's funny, because here in the states a fanny means a butt. Wow. Now that word has a completely different meaning to me! We say it a lot in the South. It's not even a bad word! Now I'm going to giggle whenever my mom says it."

Well we think you have an amazing fanny. And we mean both the UK and the US versions!
"So you're saying you think I have a nice pussy and butt? Thank you! I like them too. This might sound weird, but I always thought my butthole was cute. I like the way it's puckered. And I like my pussy, too. The lips aren't too big and aren't too small. They're just right!"

Do you like it when guys lick your pussy and butthole?
"I love it. At first I used to be a little shy about guys licking my butthole, but I got over it once I realized how good it feels! Before I never understood why guys always wanted to lick my butthole. I still kind of don't get it, but hey,…

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Featuring: Brittney Banxxx
Date: January 2nd, 2012
Photos: 40

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8 years ago 
Love the glistening Asshole in Pic 38...Thanks!

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