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Cali, we've seen you fuck guys and girls. Do you prefer one over the other?
"Right now I'm all about girls. I kind of gave up on guys. At least for a little bit. There's too much drama and bullshit with them. I have a better connection with girls, and I love eating pussy! Lately, if I ever get the urge to fuck a guy I just get my big dildo and fuck myself with it. I call it my boyfriend, and it totally satisfies any need for cock that I may have." What do you do when you have a craving for pussy? "I call up a friend of mine and we have naughty sleepovers. And the best thing about it is that neither of our parents suspects a thing! They'd never let me spend the night with a guy, but with a girl it's totally okay. Little do they know that we're licking each other's pussies and buttholes and making each other cum. They actually think that we're being innocent."

Is your friend a full-blown lezzie? Or does she also like riding cock?
"She loves cock. Before we met she had never done anything with a girl. I don't think she'd even considered it before. But I changed her mind about that. We started hanging out a lot and spending the night with each other. I was always very touchy feely with her, and one night we kissed. I could tell she was into it by the way she was sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. So I stuck my tongue deep into her hot pussy."

Do you like that you turned your girlfriend on to pussy?
"Of course! I mean, this girl was super straight when I first met her. So the fact that I could get her into girls made me think 'Wow, I must be really good with my tongue!' At first she only wanted to get head from girls. She wasn't really into eating girls out. But the more I did it, the more curious she got about tasting pussy. So finally she went down on me, and she liked it a lot. Then that made me feel like I have a nice pussy. She kept telling me how good it tasted and how much fun it was to munch on my twat."

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Featuring: Cali Rider
Date: June 6th, 2011
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11 years ago 

She is so cute, cheeky and mostly natural poses with plenty of her from behind.
The internet needs more of this.

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