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The Young & The Breastless

Featuring: Candace Cage and Juan Largo
Date: January 7th, 2011
Photos: 50
Candace! Isn't it way past your bedtime? "Yeah, it is, but whatever! I know I'm going to hear shit from my parents for being out past curfew, but I'm 18 now and I can do whatever I want. And right now I want to fuck. I told my boyfriend I would suck his cock if he sucked my toes. My feet are super sensitive and whenever someone's tongue is sliding all over them I get the shivers. It's a super turn-on! And I kept my end of the bargain. After my boyfriend sucked my toes I gave his cock lots of attention with my mouth." How do you like to suck your boyfriend's cock? Everyone has a method. "I do it however the guy likes it. My method is whatever works. My boyfriend likes it when I start off slow and just tease his cock with my lips and tongue. Then after I've dragged my tongue around his head and shaft for a while, I'll slowly work his cock into my mouth.

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