Nice Nipples

We just love your nipples and large areolae, Channell.
"Thank you! My boyfriend says he likes them a lot, too. He likes big nipples. And he's always trying to suck on my tits! It's okay, but I don't like it when he leaves a hickey on them. It looks gross! I think he likes to do it to mark his territory or something. I tell him to save all that sucking for my clit! And then he says I should just be glad that he doesn't leave any hickies on my neck where everyone can see them. Ugh, boys-can't live with 'em, can't live without them."

Has your boyfriend ever left a hickey anywhere else on your body?
"Yeah, on my butt! It doesn't really bug me though. He can do pretty much whatever he likes to me and I won't mind! I'm very open-minded, so not too much is off-limits. And I like it when he has his way with me. Because of that, we've done some kinky things. He's tied me up and blindfolded me lots of times. I don't even consider it that kinky anymore. We've had lots of sex in public. Sometimes we'll be at a restaurant and he'll start fingering me under the table. So we'll go to the bathroom or car and fuck."

So if your boyfriend is horny he'll just start groping you wherever you are?
"Yeah! The reason we get along so great is because I like it when he grabs my tits or pussy in public when I'm least expecting it. His last girlfriend was a prude and would get all embarrassed if he did that. But I want it! Because we're both so horny we've had sex in stairwells, fitting rooms, stores, at concerts, in tons of bathrooms, just all over the place. I even had sex with him and his best friend. It's so great to have a guy who doesn't mind sharing his girl."

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Featuring: Channell Rodriguez
Date: March 11th, 2011
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