A Tiny Tinkler

A Tiny Tinkler

Tell us about your kinkiest experience.
"It was in the bathroom at school. Some guys had dared this guy to go into the girls' bathroom. He went into another stall and just sat there in silence. I called him over to keep me company while I peed, and he got hard when he saw my pussy."

What happened next, Chloe?
"He watched me pee, and then I told him to take out his cock so I could suck it. The blow job was really hot, and at the same time I was shocked that I was doing it in a bathroom at school. I remember being really turned on. His cock felt so hard in my mouth; I knew it would feel great in my pussy. So I stood up, and he fucked me from behind. I wanted to moan but had to stay kind of quiet just in case. My pussy was making squishy noises from being so wet while he thrust into me. He didn't last long, maybe like, eight minutes. But I came, and he sprayed cum all over my ass."

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That guy from…

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Featuring: Chloe Couture
Date: November 8th, 2016
Duration: 40

Member Comments

LOVE watching pretty girls peeing! Esp. when they're wetting the bed! BRAVO! Please let's see LOTS MORE of this type of action!
What a beauty Chloe is ! want to see her pussy again !
More young girls pissing please!
Still looking good chloe xx

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