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Sexy Senior

Featuring: Colby McAdams
Date: October 22nd, 2010
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Now that Colby is a senior,she's at the top of her school's food chain. And she's loving every minute of it because she gets her pick of cock-from the popular jocks to the class president, and even the math nerds. Yeah, life is good when you're young and hot. "I've fucked a guy from every group in my school. For a while I was dating this pitcher on the baseball team. His cock was like a baseball bat-long and skinny! Then I had sex with the valedictorian of the school. I would always make jokes calling him the vale-dick-torian 'cause he had a huge dick. But my favorite fuck..well, I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but what the hell. Who's gonna find out? My favorite was the president of the math club. He's such a huge nerd, but he made me cum like crazy! Never underestimate the quiet ones!"

Guess who's up next on her "to-do" list.. "I totally want to fuck my science teacher. He has this salt-and-pepper hair and these sexy glasses.

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