Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Hey, Courtney. We like your big labia!
"Thanks, I like my big pussy lips, too! I think they're a bit rare. In pornos I see a lot of girls with innie pussies, but not too many that have outie pussy lips like mine. I like that I'm different that way. And they're way fun to play with, too. I can tug and rub them for hours. It's fun and it feels good!"

What do guys say about your pussy lips?
"I've had a lot of positive responses. One guy I dated had a fetish for girls with big pussy lips. He couldn't date a girl that had small ones 'cause he wouldn't get turned on! Another guy told me he loved it when my pussy lips were spread across his face while we 69ed. I swear that guy would eat me out for hours. I think if it were possible he'd live inside my pussy! But he had to settle for sticking his tongue and cock in there as often as possible. Hmm, I should call him again!"

Do your lips ever get in the way of anything?
"Nope, they're not that big! I've seen some huge…

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Featuring: Courtney
Date: January 10th, 2011
Photos: 39

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