Horny Hippie

You look like a hippie chick, Daisy. Are you all about peace, free love and all that stuff?
"Well mostly I just like the hippie style and some of the music. But I do respect what the hippies were all about, and free love sure sounds good to me, too. I think that girls should be able to fuck whoever they want and not be called sluts for it. Why should boys be the ones who have all the fun? Girls can have no-strings-attached sex, too! There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a little fun, you know? Right now I'm not interested in being with just one guy. I get way more excited when I have lots of options to choose from."

We also see that you shave everything. Real hippie girls are known for growing their body hair out.
"Nooo thank you! Bushes are old school. I'll stay shaved. Having a bush or body hair just isn't my style. I feel much better when I'm shaved. I wouldn't want to go down on a guy who had a huge bush with pubes that got stuck in my mouth. So I wouldn't put…

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Featuring: Daisy Haze
Date: March 5th, 2012
Photos: 40

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