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Hosed Hoochie

Featuring: Elle La Ware
Date: November 7th, 2011
Photos: 40
Ella, what's with you and water? You got wet in the shower in the April '10 issue too! "Being wet and playing in water is fun. And I think I look sexy when I'm wet, especially when I'm wearing white clothes like these. When a girl has her hair wet and slicked back and her nipples showing through her wet shirt, it just looks so hot and seductive. You should see how all the guys in my neighborhood look at me when I wash the car. I wear a white wifebeater with no bra and teeny, tiny shorts. Not to sound cocky, but I swear I've almost caused an accident!" You like putting on a show, huh? "Don't judge me! Every girl likes attention. I don't do it so much that I'm an attention whore. I just have a little fun now and then. Actually, I recently put on a show for my neighbor. I heard him outside in his yard, so I started watering the plants and making a lot of noise so he'd hear me.

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