So Bootyful

Emiliana, you have a great body. You must spend a lot of time exercising.
"I do exercise but not that much. I like to go jogging a few times a week. And I go to the gym when I can. My favorite way to exercise is to have sex. Nothing gets me hot and sweaty like a good fucking.

Do you know how much work a girl has to do when she's on top?
A lot! And I love being on top. It's my favorite way to cum."

Did you get that ass from working out?
"No, I was born with this ass, baby! Sometimes I do squats to work my ass, though. I'll squat at the gym, and I'll squat over a guy's cock. But no matter how much I diet or workout, my booty will always be big and fat. I'm not complaining, though. I sure like it that way, and so do the guys I fuck!

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Featuring: Emiliana Grey
Date: February 12th, 2011
Photos: 40

Member Comments

1 year ago 

An ass to die for -and I mean that sincerely.

13 years ago 

Why did you guys delete my post? Is it because u realized u actually made a mistake in posting an old gallery and think we wouldn't notice. C'mon guys we all make mistakes, just man up and admit it.

13 years ago 

im so hard for her tang

13 years ago 

Any particular reason you guys are reposing a gallery (The Hottest Librarian You'll Ever See!- Naughty Neighbors) from a couple of years ago? I should think you couldn't run out of models or maybe you thought we wouldn't notice.

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