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Featuring: Fendy
Date: September 10th, 2012
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Hey, Fendy. We like your pubes. "Thanks. I think the way I have it is a good compromise between a bush and being totally bald. I don't want to have a jungle down there, but I don't want the trouble of shaving every day. So this works." We get the feeling you're not a virgin. "That's because I'm not. I've had sex with guys and girls. Three guys and two girls to be specific. I'm a very sexual person and I love to cum. I feel I'm a little bit of a pervert because I like to masturbate in front of the mirror." Why do you think that playing with yourself in front of the mirror is perverted? "I guess because I really like to look at my pussy and see how it looks when I finger it or put a toy in it. I like to watch.

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August 25, 2018
Wish there were more photosets....
April 09, 2017
Everything on this girl is very sexy, her face, her hands, her nails, her pussy, her smile...
September 10, 2012
Young girls cunts.....beautiful!

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