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Clean Cunny

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Date: July 7th, 2014
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You look so delicious, Gina! "Thank you! I love when guys eat my pussy, so I always make sure to be fresh and ready downstairs. My time in the shower is spent taking care of my pussy. I shave every other day to stay nice and smooth, then I rub my clit and hole until I cum. It's my morning ritual!" Do you ever have shower partners? "Yes, of course! There's nothing more erotic than bathing your partner before you make love to them. Plus, you can make sure to have them smelling and tasting great. Then when you're in bed you can enjoy how clean they are! Of course, you can always have fun in the shower, too. I love swallowing cum, but in the shower, with the hot water running all over, I tell guys they can cum wherever they want. Nine times out of ten they'll blow their loads all over my face. I can act really dirty and rub their jizz on my cheeks and lips, and the water will wash it all away. It's great if they coat your eyes.

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