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One Wild Ride

Featuring: Angelica, Haileey James, and Eric Swiss
Date: March 2nd, 2009
Photos: 54
The buddy system works best when teens are trying to hitch a ride. That's because two girls are always better than one. There's twice the action and twice the pussy for just one cock. The girls know that traveling in pairs increases their chances of getting laid by two labia folds. Within five minutes of sticking their thumbs out, Angelica and Haileey were on their way to get a dick stuck in them. "We wanted to thank the guy for giving us a ride, so we gave him a wild ride, too," Haileey says. The girls were just having fun. Some girls like to go to the mall, others like to get their nails done. But Angelica and Haileey like to get fucked in threeways for fun. For them, there's no rush like the one they get when they share a cock.

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