Young Lust

Heidi needs an outlet for her sexual desires.

She's a virgin, her friends are prudes and her family certainly doesn't understand. Heidi just can't talk to anyone about her urges. But she has them and she's not sure what to do about them. "I touch myself at night, but it's not enough. I always want more. And then in the daytime, my panties are always wet. I'll get a dirty thought and I'll feel my privates, like, throb and then all this sticky stuff comes out so much that I have to wipe it. I just want to know if it's normal and happens to other girls."

We assured her that it's normal and quite arousing to hear.

Heidi seemed relieved although a little doubtful that men actually like wet pussies. "But mine gets really, really wet. Guys like that? 'Cause it seems like it would be messy with all that juice everywhere. But I guess it's a good thing. I know that when I'm very wet like that it's much…

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Featuring: Heidi
Date: July 21st, 2009
Duration: 100

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9 years ago 
How can she look so innocent and yet act like such a whore?

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