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Bottoms Up

Featuring: Helena Lopez
Date: January 2nd, 2009
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Helena, do you ever get tired of people telling you that you have a big booty?
"No way. I love having a big butt. You should see the way heads turn when I wear short-shorts or I go out dancing. You'd think some of these guys had never seen a big ass before. Not that I'm complaining."

Do you like to booty dance?
"I'm the best at that. I can vibrate my ass super fast and I can make my buttcheeks clap. I like to do that while I'm riding a cock. It's my 'milking move', 'cause it makes guys cum instantly!"

Has anyone ever put their cock in your big, juicy ass?
"I've never done that before, but I like it when a guy licks or fingers my butthole. I'd like to try anal, but with the right guy. I won't let just anyone fuck me in the ass!"

So what is your favorite position for regular sex then?
"Definitely the position where I'm on top of the guy but I'm turned around and my ass is facing him.

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March 03, 2017
These are hot shots! She has it all and can have it all! More more more
February 02, 2015
love her sweet bubble ass lovely pussy and sweet tasty asshole i would love to lick them both every day
May 01, 2011
this girl is perfect. shes not boney and shes not heavy she is a corn fed chick beautiful in every way I wish I could have her for my own helena dont change yourself your perfect

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