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Mean Dick

Featuring: Ivy Rose
Date: July 12th, 2010
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"The last guy I slept with was so mean!" "So this guy and I were fooling around in his dad's old Buick LaSabre. I'd much rather fool around in a bed, but if I had to choose a car to screw in, that'd be the one. It's so big and cozy. Anyway, one thing lead to another and we were about to have sex. But he wouldn't give it to me. He was just like, holding my pussy open with his hands and sticking the tip of his dick in. I kept begging him to put it in all the way but he wouldn't. It was ike he got off on watching me squirm. I told him he was mean, but the truth was I kind of liked squirming and begging for sex." What position were you in? "We were both in the front seat. It was reclined all the way back and we were kinda spooning, only I was lying on my back, not my side.

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