Super Nips

Iwia, do you like your nipples? 'Cause we do!
"They're okay. I don't really think about them that much, but sometimes I do wish they were smaller. I've never seen a girl who has nipples as big as I do unless she has huge boobs. Girls with smaller boobs usually have smaller nipples."

We still think yours are lovely. And how have you seen other girls' nipples?
"I would see them changing in the locker room at my school. My girlfriends and I also change in front of each other. Girls are comfortable with each other like that. I also look at porn sometimes, too. I started off looking at it because I was just curious to see what it was like, and then I realized I liked it a lot and that it turned me on! So I've seen lots of nipples in lots of different situations."

You've never sucked on another girl's nipples yourself?
"[Laughs] No, I haven't. Girls are beautiful, but I don't like them like that. I realized that when I kissed one of my girlfriends once. She was a good…

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Featuring: Iwia
Date: February 18th, 2012
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