Dock Your Cock Here

Dock Your Cock Here

JC, whose boat is that?
"It belongs to some older rich guy that I'm fucking. He's not my boyfriend or anything. I'm just having fun with him. When he goes out of town he lets me stay in his big house, too. It's awesome 'cause I get to tan naked on the dock."

Do you ever get naked on the boat?
"Hell yeah! We get kind of wild on that boat. One of my favorite things to do is take off all my clothes while he's driving it and wave to the other boaters we pass. Their jaws always drop when they see this totally nude, young, blonde girl waving back at them! We've fucked plenty of times on the boat, too. A couple of times I've even brought a few girlfriends with me on the boat and we all got naked. It was like super nudie party time! And of course the old guy was loving every second of it."

Just how old is this guy? Do you get other perks from fucking him?
"He's 56. Way older than me! At first I was a little weirded out by the age difference, but now I don't mind it at all. In fact, I kind…

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Featuring: JC Simpson
Date: December 9th, 2011
Duration: 40

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