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Up Her Skirt

Featuring: Jade Dunn and Jack Linch
Date: February 5th, 2013
Photos: 61
Skirts are so tantalizing, especially when they're tight and short like the one Jade has on. Her goods are covered, but just barely. Most girls take extra care to keep their legs crossed when they're wearing a skirt, but not Jade. She knows you want to see up her skirt, and she has no problem flashing you. She takes it even further by not wearing any panties. The guy in this scene isn't the first one who's looked up Jade's skirt to gaze upon her bare ass and juicy pussy. "I've flashed a few guys while I was wearing a skirt and had no panties on underneath. The shocked look on their face is priceless. I love to tease them by showing them my pussy and then watching them pitch a tent. But when I tease, I always make sure to deliver after.

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