Twat for Two

Twat for Two

Jaycee, what are your sexual fantasies?
"My biggest one is to have a three-way with two guys. I want them to share my pussy while I get to enjoy both of their cocks. I like the idea of two guys just lavishing me with attention and taking turns fucking me. And I want
them to both cum on me."

That's kinky for a young girl! Do you have any other sex fantasies?
"I wouldn't mind trying a three-way with two girls. I've never been with a girl before, but it seems like it would be fun. I have a lot of girlfriends and we already hang out naked. So taking it to the next level and getting physical isn't
that far-fetched. It could be like a sexy lesbian sleepover."

What about a three-way with a guy and another girl?
"I would be down for that, too. Any kind of three-way would be good, but the one I want to do the most is with two guys. I figure if having sex with one person is so much fun, having sex with two people at the same time must be double the fun. And I'm definitely horny enough for two…

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Featuring: Jaycee Taylor
Date: November 14th, 2011
Duration: 40

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