Horny Nerd

Hey, Jennifer. What's up with those glasses?
"I have really bad eyesight so I need them. My friends always tease me about them, and say that I'm such a nerd with my glasses and the way I dress. But I don't care! I think my glasses are cool and kind of funky. And besides, being a nerd never stopped me from getting laid!"

How many times have you had sex?
"I have had sex exactly 10 times with 3 different guys. The guy I lost my virginity to was a fellow nerd and virgin. But our first time together was also the last. He was a really bad lay and he came in like, two seconds. The second guy I fucked was a friend. We did it four times. It was pretty good, but I decided I didn't want to fuck him anymore because he was getting too clingy and treating me like his girlfriend. And I didn't like him that way. The latest guy I've been banging is a science teacher at my old school. He is hot.com!"

Tell us more about this teacher.
"He was my science teacher when I was in high…

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Featuring: Jennifer Slamme
Date: October 13th, 2011
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