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Lewd In The Loo

Featuring: Jeny Snow
Date: August 27th, 2010
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Jeny, why do you take so long in the loo? "That's exactly what my grandma asks me! She's British and she calls it a loo. And the reason I'm in thereso long is 'cause I'm playing with myself. Only I can't tell my grandma that! I just tell her I'm putting on make up when I've really got a finger buried deep in my pussy. Sometimes the bathroom is the only place you can get any privacy, so it's where I masturbate. I've even masturbated in public bathrooms before. I've actually got a thing for it. There'll be all these girls around me going about their business, while I'm in a stall rubbing one out and biting my lip so I don't make any noise. It's pretty hot if you ask me!" So just what are girls doing when they go to the bathroom in groups? "Probably normal things like gossiping or powdering their noses. But I'm not a normal girl. I'm a super-horny girl, and some of the girls I go to the bathroom with want to fool around.

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September 01, 2010
Not bad looking except for those ugly snarly faces she makes.

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