What's up with the ATV, Jessica?
"My boyfriend and I like to go out riding on them. It's so much fun going fast and bouncing around and getting all dirty. Then we fuck!"

You fuck your boyfriend whenever you go out riding your ATVs? Where?
"Yes. I love to fuck outdoors. I don't even mind if I'm muddy and dirty from riding either. We usually go to this secluded spot that we know of. It's in this big field out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes we'll lay a towel or some clothes down and just fuck on the ground. Sometimes we'll stand up. I've definitely been fucked while I was bent over the ATV a lot of times. We've tried to fuck while sitting on the ATV too but we couldn't get it to work."

Have you ever ridden on an ATV naked?
"It's funny you ask that because I actually tried it for the first time the other day. It was scary and exciting! I only did it for like a minute or two just to say that I did it. But I didn't feel comfortable riding without any clothes on…

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Featuring: Jessica Doltin
Date: November 18th, 2011
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