Sexy Skater

Jessica's back and she's still as horny as they come!
In the Dec. '08 issue Jessica spoke of her love of oral-both giving and receiving. But during this shoot, her mind was on something else: the utter lack of sex she was having. "This really sucks. I feel horny a lot and masturbating just isn't good enough anymore. I'm going through a dry spell. I guess it happens to everyone but I've had enough. I've been doing things to distract myself from how horny I am, but while I'm doing those things I still get distracted by how horny I am! My mind always wanders back to sex. I think I need it to keep me sane. I haven't masturbated this much since I was a virgin! Gosh, what I wouldn't give to at least feel a cock in my mouth!"

There is a bright side to her celibacy.
"At least I know when I fuck again it's gonne be like, sooo good. I tighten up really quick when I'm not getting laid regularly. And I mean I really tighten up. When I masturbate I only rub my clit, so nothing has actually been inside my pussy for a while. So when I finally do fuck again it'll be like my first time all over."

Jessica needs to get out more.
"I've been going to school and trying to get good grades, so I've been staying home and studying a lot. That's probably why I haven't gotten laid. I think I need to switch my priorities back over to cock!"

At least her last fuck was good.
"The last time I had sex was actually really awesome, and it did hold me over for a while. But everyone has their limits, and I'm going on my third month without sex. But anyway, the last time...there wasn't anything special about it. Like, we weren't anywhere crazy and he didn't fuck me in the ass or anything. I was just super turned-on. It was plain ol' good sex. I thought he had the nicest cock ever so I really sucked it good. It was really thick so it took me a bit to get used to having it in my mouth. It was so girthy I knew it was going to feel great in my pussy. When I was done sucking him I was so wet. He ate me out, and then he stuck it in. Every orgasm was more intense than the one before it. By the end my juice was all over his balls. I need another night like that soon."

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Featuring: Jessica Doltin
Date: February 8th, 2010
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