Sexy Skater

Jessica's back and she's still as horny as they come!
In the Dec. '08 issue Jessica spoke of her love of oral-both giving and receiving. But during this shoot, her mind was on something else: the utter lack of sex she was having. "This really sucks. I feel horny a lot and masturbating just isn't good enough anymore. I'm going through a dry spell. I guess it happens to everyone but I've had enough. I've been doing things to distract myself from how horny I am, but while I'm doing those things I still get distracted by how horny I am! My mind always wanders back to sex. I think I need it to keep me sane. I haven't masturbated this much since I was a virgin! Gosh, what I wouldn't give to at least feel a cock in my mouth!"

There is a bright side to her celibacy.
"At least I know when I fuck again it's gonne be like, sooo good. I tighten up really quick when I'm not getting laid regularly. And I mean I really tighten up. When I masturbate I only rub my clit, so nothing has…

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Featuring: Jessica Doltin
Date: February 8th, 2010
Photos: 46

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