Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Jessica, back in May '08 you were having fun on spring break. What are you up to now?

"Still the same old thing, you know. Flirting with cute guys and fuckin' whenever I can. Ever since I was in Cotton Tail guys have been lined up at my door to get a piece of my sweet pussy."

You were pretty hot in Cotton Tail. It's no surprise all these guys want to fuck you now.

"Thanks! But I didn't think this many guys would be interested! Even girls are calling me up wanting to fool around. Oh, and that reminds me-I have a girlfriend now! She's great 'cause she's not jealous at all, so if I want to fuck a guy, I can. Her and I even pick up guys off the street for threeways. She's more into girls so she licks my pussy while I blow the guy. It's exciting and I've never been hornier."

Do you still like to wear white cotton panties?

"Yes. Not only are they…

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Featuring: Jessica Fox and Jarrod Steed
Date: February 20th, 2009
Duration: 60

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