Fuck Fiend

When you're in the sack with Jewel, she wants you to say her name.
There's no pressure though. Because when you're sliding your rod in and out of her slit and you hear the squishy noises it makes, you will say her name. Such is the power of wet teen pussy. "I'm kind of aggressive when it comes to sex. I'll initiate it and I like to talk dirty and be on top. I usually go for older guys and they're all like, 'Oh, she's young and inexperienced. She doesn't know what she's doing.' But I know what I'm doing. It takes them by surprise because they think they're going to show me a thing or two," Jewel says. In reality, she is the one showing off her sex skills. Where did she learn to be such a freak? "I haven't fucked that many guys. It just comes naturally to me."

Jewel's secret weapon? A super spongy pussy.
"I never use lube. I'm really juicy. And I stay wet for a long time. A lot of guys tell me that's the biggest turn-on for them. I don't know why I get so wet but I'm not…

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Featuring: Jewel Styles
Date: June 9th, 2009
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