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Flat & Puffy

Featuring: Jodi Taylor
Date: January 17th, 2013
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We love your puffy nipples, Jodi. Do the guys you mess around with like them? "Most of them don't really notice, but I've had like, two guys who commented about them. They told me that I had really cute, puffy nipples and they always wanted me to send them pictures of my nips at their puffiest. I didn't know guys like that!" Yes, some guys like puffy nipples. We also noticed that it looks like you're growing out your pubes. Are you? "Yeah, I want to have a little bush! I always shaved but I'm getting tired of it. Also, pubes are coming back in style now. Before all my girlfriends shaved, and now a lot of them are rocking bushes! I went down on a girl who had a bush and it was actually nice. Her pubes were so soft and cute. I was like, I want this!" Do you think you'll have a bush forever or is it possible that you might go back to shaving? Do the guys you bang have any preference? "I think as long as you're giving guys pussy they won't complain! And if they do, then fuck them! Just not literally.

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