Fuckin' Frontwoman

Fuckin' Frontwoman

Josie, a little birdie told us that you're in a band. Is that true? That's so cool!
"Yes, I am in a band. I'm the lead singer. We play like, poppy rock kind of stuff. It started off as just me and my friends messing around with our instruments, and it turned into a full-fledged band, and we play shows and stuff now. My favorite part is getting to wear slutty outfits and having lots of cute guys flirt with me!"

Are you having tons of sex now that you're in a band?
"I wouldn't say I'm having tons of sex, but I've definitely had some interesting experiences. For instance, I just had my first three-way with this guy and with a girl in the band. We were hanging out backstage after a show, and we were both crushing on him. He said he wanted to see us kiss, so we did, and then I pulled him into the kiss. And we just all got into it."

A three-way? Give us all the dirty, little details, Josie!
"Well, I pulled him into a three-way kiss with me and the other girl. Then I started kissing his neck, and I worked my way down to his crotch. I took out his cock and started sucking it. My bandmate came down there with me and we both blew him at the same time. It was super hot when we would come up to the top of his cock and kiss with his head still between our mouths. Then I hopped on top of his cock for the first ride. But I didn't want my friend to miss out on any of the action so I got in doggie-style so I could eat her out while he fucked me. Then she fucked him. She wanted his load really bad so I let her have it."
Featuring: Josie Deville
Date: June 10th, 2011
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7 years ago 

Whoa! Smokin' little hottie! LOVE seeing a pretty girl peeing in her pretty panties like this! LOVE strokin' it looking at her pretty panties w/ that pee stain in the crotch! She gives us several great shots of her gorgeous tight little bald pee-pee & cute little puckered asshole too! Great jackin' material! Thanks baby!

11 years ago 

You should leave a small patch of pubic hair, or at least a small landing strip unshaven.

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