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Alone Time

Featuring: Kandice
Date: December 14th, 2012
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Welcome, Kandice. After a hard day at school how do you like to unwind? "I like to take a long, hot shower and masturbate. My roommate used to get pissed because I'd spend so long in the bathroom, but now she leaves me alone because she knows it's my alone time, and I turn into a total bitch if I don't get to cum after a hard day. It's so relaxing to just be alone and play with my pussy." We know you go to college, but are you a working girl as well? "Yes. I work at an upscale organic grocery store. I like it, especially since I'm a vegetarian and I get a discount on all their expensive healthy food. But I get really worn out dealing with customers and their stupid questions, which is why I need to come home and masturbate! Although, I do work with a lot of hot guys, so at least there's a lot of eye candy. When I get home I like to fantasize about them and pretend we're doing dirty things to each other." What kind of things do you fantasize about when you masturbate? "Feeling up on a guy's boner through his pants and feeling my pussy tingle 'cause it turns me on. The moment when I pull down his pants and his hard cock first goes into my mouth. The first thrust into my pussy.

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