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Cute In Curls

Featuring: Kandy Robinson
Date: December 29th, 2009
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What do teen girls fantasize about? If we use virginal Kandy as an example, they probably think about the little things more sexually experienced folk take for granted. For example, the idea of showing someone her perky boobs for the first time ever turns Kandy on immensely. She's never even kissed a boy, and it makes her wet whenever she thinks about it. "I have never even worn a thong before!" You read right. In this day and age when girls prance around the beach in butt floss, Kandy has never even worn a thong under her clothes. "Cotton undies are just so comfortable. I can't imagine wearing something that is always wedged in my bottom. Some girls at school make fun of me because I wear 'granny panties,' and because I've never even kissed a boy, but I want to. It just hasn't happened yet. The thought of touching tongues with a boy makes me feel all funny in my privates." Could you describe this funny feeling for all our horny readers? "Well, it feels like a jolt of electricity going through my body, or like, a hot flash.

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September 27, 2011
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