Tight And Tangy

Blondes have more fun. Just ask Kara about her 18th birthday.

Most girls celebrate their 18th birthday with a party and cake. Kara celebrated hers by losing her virginity...in a three-way. "I had just started going out with this guy and I told him I wanted to wait till my birthday to have sex. And I told him I didn't just want it to be me and him. I wanted my friend Nikki with us, too. I wanted a really memorable first time, and it was!"

How did this all go down? Was it awkward?

"No. My boyfriend is more experienced so he knew what to do to make us comfortable. We started off in a three-way kiss, then Nikki and I started making out and undressing. We lay on the bed while he took turns eating both of us out. Then I ate Nikki's pussy while my boyfriend fingered me."

How did it taste?

"Her cherry tasted like an orange. It was sweet and tangy. I…

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Featuring: Kara
Date: January 1st, 2010
Duration: 50

Member Comments

5 years ago 
Sweet. Kara reminds me SO MUCH! of my high school sweetheart! Pretty, not like a model or a porn star (we're on a porn site. ..duhhh) but the "take home to meet Mom" type. Clean, well groomed, I bet she even smells nice. Looks great in sexy clothes, but seems a little out of place... faded jeans and a t-shirt most of the time. Oh, did I mention that she's VERY into sex, loves to deepthroat, likes to be restrained and then fucked in the ass... and is "thinking about a 3way with you and a buddy"?

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