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Pretty & Puffy

Featuring: Karine
Date: January 16th, 2012
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Karine, we love your puffy nipples. Do guys compliment you on them a lot? "Not really. Only one guy has ever said anything to me about it. He told me he loves 'puffies.' I had no idea guys even liked that. I just thought I had weird nipples because I'd never seen another girl who had puffy ones like mine. But I guess there's something for everyone!" Do you like it when guys suck on your puffy nips? "Yes. It feels really good and it gives me a tingling feeling all over my body. But that one guy I told you about, the one who said he likes puffies--he didn't like to suck my nipples. Because when he'd suck them they'd get hard and they wouldn't be puffy anymore. And he loved to just sit and look at them while playing with himself.

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