Horny in the Kitchen

Horny in the Kitchen

We asked newcomer Karissa to tell us about her top six turn-ons. This is what she said:

1. A hard cock on the right person. Nothing beats a hot guy ready to go!
2. Getting my nipples sucked. They love attention.
3. Being watched as I undress. I'm a total exhibitionist.
4. Feeling a dick pressed up against the crack of my ass. That drives me nuts!
5. Hair pulling. Not too rough, but just enough that it controls me a little is totally sexy.
6. Cumming in a guy's mouth! Just thinking about it makes my cunny moisten up."

When was the last time you had sex?
"Two days ago, with a schoolmate of mine. We were sitting around after class, watching television and ignoring the project we were supposed to be working on. He started feeling up my tits under my blouse and within minutes I was naked and straddling his cock."

Have you ever had the chance to fuck in the kitchen before?
"I have, actually. My last boyfriend had this really tiny apartment. It was like a closet.…

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Featuring: Karissa
Date: September 9th, 2013
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