Slutty Study Buddy

Slutty Study Buddy

Add Kate plus a male study buddy, subtract the clothes and divide the legs.

"I hate math. It's so not fun. But I had to pass my stupid algebra test. Luckily there's this really smart guy in my class who offered to help me out. I didn't think he was that cute at first. He's kind of nerdy, and when he came over all he talked about was quadratic equations and variables. It made my head spin, but I think it turned me on that he was so smart. Either that, or I was just horny. I got tired of hearing about math. I wanted to fuck. So I knocked the algebra book and all his papers on the floor and sat on the desk in front of him with my legs open."

How did he react to your bold behavior?

"At first I was scared that he was going to get pissed. But he was more shocked than anything. I was wearing a skirt and he could totally see my panties. Once the shock wore off he started getting nervous. I could tell…

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Featuring: Kate
Date: May 17th, 2010
Duration: 46

Member Comments

9 years ago 
I wish I had had a study buddy like this when I was in school. Aside from biology or Sex Ed I wouldn't have gotten much studying done but I don't think I would have cared!
10 years ago 
Kate takes 1st place for May 2010. Exceptional little ass that she likes to show off and she does it well!

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