Naughty Ginger

Naughty Ginger

Welcome back, Katey! What have you been up to?
Last time Katey was here she told us she had sex in a train, and things have remained kinky since the Oct. '11 issue. "I've had sex in the pool, the lake, in the woods and behind the stadium. It's so randy to think that people might be able to see or hear us." Wow, that's a lot of places to have sex. What's the next location? "I would really love to have sex in a car but with a crowd watching!"

What kind of guys are you attracted to?
"I actually like guys who are a bit odd looking. They are so much funnier and better at sex than the really hot guys. Maybe it's 'cause the cute ones don't have to rely on talent?"

Now that you have been experimenting with sex, have you been with any girls?
"I am attracted to other girls in my classes but most of them aren't very friendly. I need to figure out how to befriend them because girls are hot, and I wanna try fooling around with them. I wonder if they are into girls! Guys are much easier to understand, so I'm just going to try that for a while. Plus I like the attention. I like being dominated by someone bigger than me, but I also like driving the guy crazy, too. Just thinking about it makes me so hot and randy!"

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Featuring: Katey Grind
Date: November 16th, 2012
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