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Kinky Ginger

Featuring: Katey Grind
Date: October 20th, 2011
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Do you like showing off your body? "Of course I do! Why else would I be posing for you? You're only young and skinny once, so you should take advantage of that by getting naked as often as possible." Have you had any kinky sex lately, Katey? "Something pretty kinky happened back a couple of months ago when I was vacationing in Europe with my mom. We were taking a night train from London to Paris, and this really cute British guy caught my eye. At some point I noticed that he got up to go to the bathroom, so I got up and followed him. There was a line so I struck up a conversation with him. I was flirty right off the bat. I wanted to have some fun." What kind of fun did you have on the sleeper train? "I think you can guess! He seemed interested, so when the bathroom was free, I followed him in. It was pretty late at night and most people were asleep. I figured we could get away with it. As soon as I closed the door to the bathroom we started making out, and his hand was up my shirt and feeling my tits in a second. I pulled down my pants while he put on a condom, and he fucked me doggie-style over the sink.

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July 25, 2012
You should leave a small strip or patch of pubic hair unshaven

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