Study Fuck

Katey isn't as innocent as she was when she made her debut in Sept. '09.
Katey hasn't completely given up the good girl act, but she sure has loosened the reins. She still volunteers to help the elderly and works as a designated driver, but she's added sucking and fucking to her repertoire of good deeds. "I haven't done it that many times, but I've done it enough to know that I like having sex a lot! I was totally missing out before."

"I'm just a normal girl who likes to have sex. What's wrong with that?"
Most of Katey's friends wear the most disappointing piece of jewelry a man could ever see...promise rings. Katey doesn't get it, either. "I think my friends are so uptight because they need to get laid, and for some reason they think fucking is bad! It sucks because I'd like to have someone I could talk to about all the dirty things I'm trying now. And I'd really like it if I had a special girlfriend I could do dirty things with, too. Oh well. I guess I'll have to find a new group of friends!"

What's your favorite part of sex?
"When I'm naked and the guy takes off his shirt and then comes down to kiss me and our bare chests rub together. His dick is just inches away from entering my pussy."

Anticipation and build up turn Katey on the most.
She's only had sex a handful of times, but Katey already knows what she likes. And that's when a guy makes her beg. "I was helping this guy study and I just got so horny. I told him to fuck me, but he teased me first. He knew just what to do to turn me on so much. He started putting the tip in but then pulling back out. Ohmigosh, it drove me crazy! I told him to just give it to me but he didn't. It was almost like torture, but when I finally got it, it was better than it would've been if we just went straight into the sex. I'm not too proud to beg or whimper for it. I like the guy to know how badly I want it."
Featuring: Katey Grind and Justin
Date: October 19th, 2009
Photos: 48

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11 years ago 

You should leave a small strip or patch of pubic hair unshaven

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