Cum Break

Did you have fun studying, Khristina?

"Hell no! It was so boring, and I was so horny! I was trying to do research online but I kept looking at dirty pictures and videos instead. I knew if I wanted to get any work done that I'd have to take a break and get myself off. It was the only way I'd be able to concentrate!"

How long did your "cum break" last?

"Much longer than I expected. I played with myself for like an hour! But it was fun. I started off rubbing my clit with my finger, and when I started to get wet I stuck my finger in my hole. I was getting super turned-on so I got out my favorite toy. I knew I was going to need something bigger than my finger to take care of me this time around, and my toy did just the trick. I was so into it that I swear it felt like the real thing! I closed my eyes and pretended it was a flesh-and-blood cock penetrating me. It was what I needed, because when I…

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Featuring: Khristina Pink
Date: June 10th, 2010
Duration: 46

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