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Natural Beauty

Featuring: Kimber
Date: January 16th, 2015
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You look like such a nice girl. We were very surprised to see your nipple piercings. "Why can't a nice girl have nipple piercings? It's fun! But I guess I got them because I do have a little bit of a wild side. I don't have any other tattoos or piercings..just my nipples! My boobs are kinda big so I like the way it looks. And it feels good when I play with them or when a guy sucks on my nipples. Maybe one day I'll take the piercings out, but I'm enjoying them right now." You're a natural beauty. We noticed you don't wear any makeup. "Nope. I don't wear makeup, except for special occasions, and I don't dye my hair. I just don't feel like I need to wear makeup. My skin is pretty good, and I think I look better without it. I never have to worry about a guy seeing me without makeup the next morning and not liking the way I look.

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