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Tanning My Tits

Featuring: Kirin Desado
Date: August 3rd, 2009
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Some girls wish they had big tits. Kirin is perfectly happy with her little, perky boobies. We're perfectly happy with them, too. If anyone can appreciate a pair of high, pointy, gravity-defying B-cups, it's 18eighteen readers. "I think people should be happy with what they have. I know a lot girls wish they had big tits, but I know there are plenty of guys out there who like little ones. I like mine the way they are. Who would complain with these little pups in their face?" "I show them off whenever I can!" Thank the powers that be for topless beaches and the teens that are bold enough to bare it all. "I'm on vacation in Miami and you can go topless at the beaches here! So I totally did. It was so awesome to be able to let my boobies out and feel the breeze and the water on them. My nips are super-duper sensitive so they were hard the whole time!" You can be sure guys noticed her perky tits. Despite being confident enough about her physique to go topless, Kirin is still modest.

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