Bedroom Eyes

Hey, Kloe. You're super hot! Are you a natural redhead?
"I am, but I dye my hair a little bit brighter than it is naturally. But yes, I'm a real ginger girl. If I didn't shave my pubes you would see that my bush is even more orange than my head! Before I went completely bald down there I used to call it my burning triangle."

Why do you shave your pubes? Half of the fun of dating a ginger is getting to see her red bush!
"Guys always tell me that! They always ask me if the carpet matches the drapes. I tell them I have tile, not a carpet! Recently I've been reconsidering growing out my pubes, but we'll see. I started shaving them at first because I felt self-conscious that my pubes were orange. Most girls just have black or blondish pubes. I thought I was weird for having a 'fire crotch.' But I got over that eventually, and I just kept shaving 'cause I like the way my pussy feels when it's smooth. Also it was just a habit. But I'm starting to think I should grow them out because it'd be something different."

Do guys in the UK like redheads? Because we like them in the US!
"I suppose. Most guys tell me I should keep my hair red because it looks nice. The thing I hear the most about is my pubes. Although they don't complain once they're down there eating me out!"

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Featuring: Kloe Kane
Date: December 12th, 2011
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11 years ago 

Kloe Kane is very pretty. I would lick and eat hre cun and ass everyday and night.

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