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The Exhibitionist

Featuring: Kody Kay
Date: January 8th, 2010
Photos: 47
Kody has very few reservations about showing off her tight body. She's not shy, and if she can get away with being naked, she will. "Obviously I wouldn't go out in a crowded, public place naked because I could get arrested, but everywhere else is fair ground. My favorite place to be naked is my house, when my parents aren't home, of course." It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway. Teen exhibitionists are the best. The effects of gravity and age haven't marred their appearance, and they don't mind showing off the beauty of their youthful bodies to horny voyeurs. Not to mention, being naked usually makes girls like Kody horny, too. Her next-door-neighbor is really glad he moved here. "There's this guy that lives next to me who is really cute, and I thought it would be hot if he spied on me. I planted the seed and mentioned that I like to walk around the house naked. That night, I left my window wide open while I changed. I saw him watching me from his room, but I pretended to not see him.

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