Bold in Braces

Bold in Braces

Hey, Kyleigh. We just love your braces, but how do you feel about them?
"They're okay. I would like it more if I didn't have them, but it's not a big deal. They took some getting used to. Like when I first got them I made out with this guy, and I accidentally cut his lip with my braces. I was afraid to try to give a guy head with braces 'cause I thought we'd have an accident. But I've got the hang of them now, and I can do it all!"

So you've sucked cock since you've gotten your braces?
"Yeah, and it was a piece of cake. You just have to be careful! And it's easier if you go slow. But that's how I like to give blow jobs, anyway. Nice and slow and sloppy."

We noticed you're only 4'11", Kyleigh. How does that work out when you have sex with a tall guy?
"It's never been a problem before. I've only had sex with two guys, and one of them was like, 6'2". I thought it might be kind of weird since I'm so much shorter than him, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. He…

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Featuring: Kyleigh Ann
Date: June 13th, 2011
Photos: 40

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6 years ago 
So cute, more of her....please!!!

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